Contact Me

Daniel Hofheinz
6500 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 100
Dallas, Tx 75228


For end-to-end encryption:

1. Download Signal for Android or iOS

2. Add me at 3309.834.964

For end-to-end encryption through Tor:

1. Download Ricochet

2. Add me at d7xwggfff6vrcrj2:tehcocir


To communicate securely and with a high degree of trust:

1. Understand how PHP works
2. (optional) Sign up for and download the application
   2b. (optional) Follow me on
3. Verify the authenticity of my public key
   3b. Compare public keys here and here for authenticity
4. Encrypt your message using PGP with my public key
   4b. (optional) Use the command line app to encrypt
5. Email the encrypted message to moc.zniehfohleinad@leinad

To communicate securely, with a high degree of trust, and pseudo-
 anonymously (on your end):

1. Clear your browser cache after copying my public key
2. Find a publicly accessable terminal and install Tor
3. Download and install Tails through Tor to a USB drive
4. Boot Tails on the public terminal using the USB stick
5. Create a new email from a publicly available free provider
5. Encrypt your message locally using PGP
6. Email from the new email account on Tails without a subject
7. Erase contents of USB using Eraser or similar software